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skype download for blackberry 9800 torch

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Please tell me how to download skype for my blackberry 9800 torch
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Tell me how to download skype for blackberry 9800 torch
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Why no resolve display
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Has anyone managed to sort skype for the Blackberry Torch 9800? If so, please could they let me know how to go about it?



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Unless you are a Verizon customer in the Us, the answer is simple: Forget it!!

There is no Skype app for any BB device. This is the plain and simple truth...

The question is open since 2008-2009 and as yet, no serious answer has been received from any Skype responsible on whether they intend to provide it one day...

So, like the rest of us, keep hoping, dreaming, asking, begging, ... or look for an alternative...



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Hi, please can you let me know how to download on my Blackberry Torch. 


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Plz tell me hw I can download skype on my blackberry torch 9800 ????
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for the last replies in this post:

as said before: you can NOT download Skype for your BB!

We would all love to be able to, but there is no Skype for BB!!

Sorry, but that's the hard truth...



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And if lvl has not made it clear enough, have a look at the 'Another Skype for BlackBerry' thread in this section. There are a few different theories in there as to why Skype for BlackBerry is not available to the masses but sorry, there are no official statements from Skype in there regarding the issue, but you knew that anyway !!

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What whattttTtTttttTtttttttttttttttttttttt no skype for bb am. Saling my bb today
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