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skype dosent work!!!!

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Novel Tourist
Hey every body I have downloaded skype in diffrent versions for my nokia 5530 and none of them work it do keep showing me signing in for unlimted time or some times it makes my phone shut down after signing in .
I live in the sudan please help me
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Novel Tourist

I live in the United States and my SKYPE does not work either.

I have reloaded the most recent version which does not help,

and in the EBAY tradition there is absolutely no customer support.

Novel Tourist

i filled out all the forms. paid by cc. registered,got conformation that you took the money.  still cant get on keeps giving me the whole thing again and again..and wants money again and again..sounds to me this is just realy some kind of scam. why dont you have a phone number a person could call to get help to get your product to work/. or to answer to my e-mail  [redacted to protect privacy] why cant i get helkp?



My skype don´t work anymore. I got an information that i should download the latest wersion regarding skype and it sass that it could help. but i can´t find the place for download the latest skype version.


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