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"Skype on Three" on Blackberry Curve 9300

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Hello everybody,


Some days ago I've bought a Blackberry Curve 9300, according to the Three website, it's a compatible model with Skype on Three. Skype on Three is a special version of Skype with data traffic for free, and Skype calls redirected as voice calls.


Once I've bough the device, I've downloaded Skype on Three at the Three page and installed it.


When I run the Skype application, it fails with this error message: "Failed to connect to Skype server". Should I configure it or download another version?


I've called to Three and nobody helps me. Before I've bought it, everybody told me it was compatible with Skype indeed. I do need Skype for international calls, and I would like to do it like I used to with my other mobile phone and "Skype on Three"


You are my last hope, please... Could someone help me to make "Skype on Three" works on my Blackberry Curve 9300?


Thanks a lot

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I don't know about the BB OS, however ensure if you can that you keep a copy of the installer for the future in case three withdraw's support for the app and say sorry buy a new phone. 


Just ensure your data connection to three is setup properly & if your using wifi ensure you wifi isn't active.  I'm unsure if there is a connection settings on BB to say which connection to use.  I should think that providing you got the software from three it should run fine if it installed properly. Can you download live messenger from three? If so does it work?

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thanks a lot for your suggestion, I will try the things you've just suggested to me, and I will tell you soon.



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i have the same problem with a bold 9700
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I have the same phone as you and the same problem. so did you get solution for your question? is skype working for your blackberry 9300?? please reply me ASAP 


thank you 

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I want to use skype frm my blackberry 9300. But how can I get the software ?
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Please use this link for three UK network Blackberry users:
http ://www.
choose your handset and enter your phone number. Three will send you a link to download the skype.
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My model is curve 9300 when I click skype icon in a while it says use telcomcel
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I got skype software from that site when I click the icon in a while a message apears saying that I need0to use telcomsel
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