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"Failed to connect to Skype server" error on samsung wave 723

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i have the same problem although my phone is a nokia s40 platform, i tried most of the versions on the e-net but still "Failed to connect to Skype server". You can try updating it. It most likely wouldn't work but still worth a try.

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‎28-08-2015 11:00

Solved the issue on my phone. I just had to add the area code to my phone number on the login menu.


@yousef8824: I downloaded my Java Skype from one of those links ages ago. Not helpful right now.

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I am continually getting an upgrade pop up , and it is really starting to annoy me now, because when i try to upgrade it tells me I cannot, so please fix it up so that I get the upgrades automatically or stop sending the upgrades , specially the pop up, thank you

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I used the US area code,even if im italian and i live in italy,and it finally works somehow.thanks aurelia!
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If you have Java Skype, there should be an option in Settings "Check for Updates". Just switch that to "no" and it should stop sending updates, I think.

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Hi. Giuseppe89 Your post about US area code (but I'm from Ukraine) really helpfull, worked for my Samsung s5230. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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please i have a same proplem in my samsung corby pro

it was working but now that's massege apper for me

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I sent the area code but still it doesn't work same error msg apears...

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still same error i tryed with other area codes and country codes...

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