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nokia 701

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No good that have not video call on Nokia 701

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We have lot of applications for audio and chat like Nimbuz... We want video on skype. Please release video version.
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Hi guys,


I have just created an online petition for pressuring Skype thus Microsoft and also Nokia to not give up on properly supporting symbian phones and in the first place providing symbian users with a video call support on Skype for Symbian phones:



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June 29, 2012

I have been waiting so patiently for skype to install on my nokia 701 I feel it is so unfair having been a skype account customer many years, That this remains unavailable, Despite announcement of update in april 2012.

Still unable to download - Stating not incompatible, How much longer?

EDIT : title/message case changed.

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See page 44 here! "

Make calls over the internet
About internet calls
You can make and receive calls over the internet. Internet call services may support
calls between computers, between mobile phones, and between a VoIP device and a
traditional telephone. The internet call service is a network service.
Some internet call service providers allow free internet calls. For availability and
connectivity costs, contact your internet call service provider.
To make or receive an internet call, you must be in the service area of a Wi-Fi network
or have a packet data (GPRS) connection in a 3G network, and be signed in to an
internet call service.
Install an internet call service
You can search for internet call services from Nokia Store. For more info, go to
[invalid URL]



I am sorry that I cannot find "ippi" in OviStore BUT I found "

Nimbuzz Messenger: Chat & Call

Download here and there it says ""You can import popular networks (...) and SIP (VoIP) accounts.


So - you just need to create an IPPI account and sign in it through 

Nimbuzz Messenger !


Then see what to do below... more info and link to IPPI registration in my forum signature. (The IPPI link is in the YouTube video's description,sorry for the inconvenience but this forum shows "Invalid link" when I post it here!)it is and you click on the violet/purple button "Free sign-up!"


New: ippi lets you call Skype users for free!

If you follow ippi on Twitter and Facebook, you already know since late July that ippi can make calls to Skype users for free! Even better, ippi also allows Skype users free calls to users ippi !


- To call from ippi to Skype, dial « » and start the call

- To call from Skype to ippi, dial « skype2ippi » (add this contact for ease), then, when you get a chat message, send as a chat message the ippi login you wish to call (or ippi number)

For more information, our support is at your disposal.

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when i can download skype on nokia 701??
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please i want down load skype my nokia 701 . If any information please tell me. Thanks.
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when can i download skype for my nokia 701
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