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in nokia e5 skype is not working properly why ????????

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please feed me back on this issue i am dieing to use this software on my cell

new cell nokia e5

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which version of skype is compatible for Nokia-E5.? How can i download it on my E5
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check your nokia site on the web.. I had problems downloading from skype. Went to OVI and got it right. My nokia N97 works like a dream.
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Hi I had my Skype Working very well on my Nokia E5 till I installed Fring and Skype stopped working.

What Fring does is it installs VoipAudioSrv 2.x whereas Skype only works with 1.0 in E5.


What I did was, I uninstalled Fring, VoipAudioSrv 2.x and Skype. Reinstalled Skype and it automatically installed VoipAudioSrv 1.0.

Arghhh it was hell of a night!!! Going to sleep now with my Working Skype, No Skype=No Sleep. Please check if this is the case with anyone.


Note: VoipAudioSrv 2.x can be removed from App Manager.


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