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how to install skype for nokia asha 501 dual sim

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Dear Support,


kindly give me some information . I have a Nokia Asha 501 Dual sim phone i dont know  how to install skype software , give me better step by step information

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As far now Skype is not officially supported for Nokia Asha 501 mobile (both single and dual sim). So, Kindly wait till the official app from the Skype side and also to add that we can't assure the availability of Skype for Asha 501

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Please give your skype support to asha 501. Thanks

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Please advise whether Skype developed for this model and how much time will it take?


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As Microsoft owns both Skype and Nokia mobile phones division now, it would be great to see Skype for Asha 501 (and hopefully other phones based on the new Asha Platform). Asha 501 doesn't have Viber or Whatsapp now, so Skype is sort of destined to succeed

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Сделайте приложение для Ashа 501 пожалуйста!
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Plz skype for nokia 501
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Skype for Asha 501! It's awful it is not avaliable. I am very dissapointed!(((

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Plzz Plzz do something.. I have lost many works. i got loss on my work.. plz do some thing. i want skype on my nokia asha 501. plzz

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This is rather ridiculous that none of these apps are available. I live away from home and the reason I bought this phone was to be able to speak to my family whenever and whereever I can. NOW I am stuck with a phone that does not have any of things I need. IF you are not going to make your app available to everyone, then whats the point????? not everyone can afford the iphone, and nor would I want one. GET SKYPE ON ASHA!!!!!

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