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how to get Skype on BlackBerry Pearl?

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how to get Skype on BlackBerry Pearl?
I'm not finding it..
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I don't know how to get it either but once it is available I will be all over it.  Skype is a must have application for my office and I am unable to connect with my Pearl or other BlackBerry devices... Once it is available on them I will be one happy camper... Until then, I am searching for a new solution that my entire office can use.  The most heavily used business phones don't have skype but the home user phones do... What gives?

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I have the same problem with my 8520. I just came off the phone to Virgin about it and they say my phone is not 3G and that's why it won't work. Is your Pearl 3G? Hope this helps. Ralph Nelson-Tucker
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• Blackberry pearl 9105 3G,

• Till when shall we wait skype?
Skype engineers really should update their work to make it available before blackberry do a newer version.
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Hello Skypers. Hope you are fine. Well,did anyone get skype 4 BB pearl 9105 3G, compatible skype application 4 the mentioned device or a multi access messenger-application that links to skype?
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