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how do i download skype on my blackberry playbook?

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Casual Tourist
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Casual Tourist
thank you for the suggestion, will try it.. and here is yet another post, to show skype that there one more user (and I pay for Skype every month) who would like to use it on the PB too...
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Novel Tourist
pls pls pls put skype on playbook.
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How do I get the skye on my playbook
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Novel Adventurer

Will someone from Skype please have the decency to respond to this thread.

The continuing lack of response is reflecting very poorly on your customer relations.

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Novel Adventurer only supports chat, not audio or video calls! So it's only useful if you don't have an account with gmail or another chat provider

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when i contact rim company support they told me :
skype should prepare the app & give it to us
then we will release it !!
so what ><
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Why am I not able to use SKYPE on the RIM playbook. I just don't understand. RIM has been a large part of the Microsoft's Exchange success story over the last 10-12 years. At least explain your reasons why you are/will not support the RIM Playbook? The use of IMO which you are suggesting is just not an alternative for me.


I have been a  user of Microsoft Software over many years (and use the Windows version of skype). However, I am now the owner of an Ipod touch (on which I do use Skype) and a RIM Playbook (my primary travel device) . I cannot use the iPad has it is not available in a convenient form factor.

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Casual Adventurer
The screen doesnt stay long enough to sign in.
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Casual Adventurer
The screen does not stay long enough to sign in.
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