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downloading SKYPE for Nokia E66 I get "skype is not supported...."

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I have Nokia E66 which is supposed to support SKYPE according to SKYPE site...

trying to download it I get the message that SKYPE is not supported on this device

can you please assist?


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mee tooo, please help
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thanks 4 skype
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now i wanna use skype on my mobile how
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e66 is not supporting
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It is compatible but if it is not on Skype mobile page it can be then be downloaded only from Ovi store.


It depends on firmware version(dial *#0000#).

What are your firmware versions and product codes?

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My problem is too. I got the message: Your is not supported






C Nokia E66-1 (06)


This is not the newest phone software, but there is never freezing.


I use now the skype version, i downloaded from the the Opera Mini, from Opera Mobile Store in 2011 summer (?). The Opera feel my phone type.


Dear Developers!

Please put the video call into Symbian Skype (for E66).

Not only the Android and the iPhone live in the world. There is a lot of people still use Symbian (E51, E65, E66, E71, E72 - which have wifi and 3G/HSDPA)

Now we write 2012 february. My next phone will Nokia E52 (Symbian again). I don't want use / change to Android or iPhone.

Please, the new services and new options put this symbian softvare too, not only to android and iphone.




from Hungary

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I have a new Nokia 701 which runs on Symbian Belle.


The skype site says that it has been modified to run on Belle but after I get the link sms'd to me and I open the link I get "not supported on your device".


Does anyone know a work-around?

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tere waja wach lan mara
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