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blackberry playbook

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Yes, PLEASE consider this as another request for SKYPE on BB Playbook.  This device is purpose-built for video conferencing!!


It is amazing device, and Blackberry has HUGE sale on them now startign at $199.  Guaranteed the market will be flooded with these by Christmas time.


C'mon good SKYPE folks, lets add support for this now?

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plzzzzzzzz skype for bb playbook
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I have purchased Blackberry Play book yesterday and with $300 off the playbook it is really selling. Skype should work on App for playbook or find some solution for it...

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I concur. The Playbook has enough potential for business and for government agencies. I have been a loyal customer since I came back to the US in 2004. I want the Playbook to start my business, once I leave the military. I want other companies to create apps for this wonderful device. Please, make this happen. For us, future business owners that will bring the economy back in shape.

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I'm requesting the same as my fellow Playbook owners here. The Blacberry Playbook is made for an application of Skype. Since the big rebate of 300$ on this device, more people own a PB and it makes it more of a "no brainer" to build an app. I know you are listening to your customers and I know you will make us happy and more productive with your help.


Thanks in advance

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Skype Needs to show direction> Are they listening to their customers? Let us know if you are considering an app for PB.

Is it time to look elsewhere!

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i love skype and i love playbook

pls port skype on playbook

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It's clear that Skype doesn't plan on releasing a Playbook version anytime soon.  Instead of continuing to complain for nothing, making ourselves look like a bunch of whiny children, let's suck it up and move on to a product/company that will actually give a crap about what their users want.  Instead of continuing to complain after this length of time the best thing we can do is simply move on.  If a product is not the way you want it, don't complain for 6 months...find something better.

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I'm definitely willing to pay. One of the reasons why i waited so long to get the playbook was because there was no skype app for it.
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