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blackberry playbook

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No need to make Skype available for all BB models. The PlayBook alone would be fine! Please, Skype! I'm tired of having to turn on my pc every time I need to make a call using Skype..

- Written on a BlackBerry PlayBook
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Seriously what is wrong with Skype! I've been subscribing to skype for 2 years and they have yet to create a native app for Blackberry? This is purely insane favoritism towards Iphone, Android and Windows Phone. I own a playbook, and a Bold, no skype. I'm starting to think what is the point of keeping my subscription with Skype when i can only use it with the computer. Skype, I hope you read this. I will be moving to Google Voice permanently if you do not do something about this. All Blackberry users should boycott Skype for their lack of direction. 

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I completely agree.  I have a BB9800 and my wife just bought me a playbook for my birthday so I could integrate the two devices.


I was very supprised when I attempted to get Skype to call her while I was away the other night and found it was not available for the Playbook.


Why does everyone think that we all have to go with Apple?

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I completely agree as well. RIM may have lost market share and been beatup in the media lately, but the playbook device is really nice. I can't put it down...except to start my laptop to use skype.


PLEASE help us out Skype!!!


Skype Support


I would also benefit from having a native Skype app for my Grandad's BlackBerry Playbook. It would be great to keep in touch with him using Skype technology.


Is a Skype app already on the roadmap for this year? I'm sure you've had many emails regarding the above, however we are all being kept in the dark and would like to know how this is progressing. I don't really want to move away from Skype but I may have to.


We all look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for all your help.

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Regards up kidding me??!!!!! No new BBPlaybook app yet?!!! C'mon!!!! Grrrrrrr!
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Add me to the list of people who need Skype on their Playbooks.

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 I agree with you    Hey Skype - Please can we have a Blackberry Playbook app now! yes I have an Ipad but I use my Playbook for business and contacting family when away. whats the problem??

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I agree with oll of you is just ignoring our sentiments.I bought pb last year in aug and was waiting for os2.still skype is acting like kid...they sud develop this app ...
comon m8 we really love skype nd pb
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Rather than writing a Skype application for the current BlackBerry smartphone OS, it's possible to take your Android application and _register_ it with RIM (BlackBerry).
Should save a bit of work, and enable you to get a look at the BlackBerry market to a degree.
Information on doing this is available at: