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Why is Skype no longer working on Huawei u7510

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I had a Huawei u7510 which had a working version of Skype. however the touch screen went and 3 replaced the phone and the replacement phone now says it is no longer able to connect to Skype. 

three have told me to upgrade my phone or get a contract phone and use  the unlimited data to operate skype.

I have only just purchased this phone not even a year ago  I only needed a PAYG phone so I can keep in touch with my girlfriend via Skype in Australia, the ONLY reason I purchased this phone was because it was recommended to me by the sales person in the Three store for the specific reason that it was compatible with Skype.

Now I feel cheated as I now have a brick that is of no use to me if I cannot make skype calls and I certainly now do not trust three to buy another Skype phone only for Skype compatible issues to surface within months of shelling out money again.

They have blamed Skype for this and I need an answer as to why I cannot receive an update for my phone. Not that I think it needed one anyway the old version worked perfect for me.

So who's decision was it to pull the old version and why can't I just re-download the older version and continue using that.

Need answer urgent as need to present explaination to OFCOm and also BBCs Watchdog Consumer programme. As I feel cheated having just purchased this phone for it now not to be of use :-( 

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The Skype for Windows Mobile version was withdrawn a while ago and is no longer supported. See here for details:

If you still have Skype installed on your phone it should continue to work (it's just not officially supported any more, e.g. won't receive any updates). Have you set up all access points correctly?

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I need an official email from Skype explaining that if I still had the old version of Skype on my phone and had not my replacement phones software been flashed, then the old version of Skype would still be available on my phone and be functioning as before (of which i may add I NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH) Also can I ask Skype why they just won't allow people to re-download the older version without tech support and just continue using that.

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For some reason Three mobile seem to think it is OK to flash Update phone software thus making the older version of skype you no longer support for this type of phone non functional and then blaming it on Skype for not supporting the old platform any longer that would still otherwise have worked if left alone (and may I add NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH) and then have the cheek to try and sell me an upgraded PAYG phone or a contract phone (for 24 months :-O G-D forbid) or telling you to download a third party app from google play (which note: you can't download on this particular model phone anyway) and then buy a data allowance bundle from them making SKYPE NO LONGER A FREE APPLICATION SERVICE which they proudly advertise as a mobile phone provider,

IT STINKS! NOT HAPPY! And can you please just put it in writing that if they never flashed the software I would still have a old working version of skype on this model phone ableit without any continuing support from skype or future updates, which personnaly I DON'T or DIDN'T CARE ABOUT!

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The version of Skype which the U7510 on Three Mobile uses is a version unique to Three Mobile. The first time you try to use Skype on the U7510 it downloads the software from Three Mobile's servers. Unfortunately Three Mobile removed this download from their servers. The same is true for their MSN Windows Live Messenger application. 


Therefore, if you never downloaded the Skype software prior to Three Mobile removing it, you will not be able to download it. I think it was withdrawn sometime near the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012.


Since Three Mobile discontinued selling that particular phone, it was no longer in their financial interest to allow new users to have something for free.


This means that almost every advertisement you see on the Internet for the U7510, promoting free Skype and free MSN, is completely wrong and false advertising.


Your only hope is that someone took a copy of it from the Three Mobile download server and placed it somewhere on the Internet. Or you can buy a used U7510 from eBay which had Skype downloaded before Three Mobile withdrew it.

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Skype will work on Huawei U7510 if you follow this procedure:


1 turn on the phone without any sim inserted.
2 on home screen press SOS
3 delete 112
4 write *1673492846
5 press down on the keypad
6 firstly select the 8th option
7 then select (1) for factory reset

8 The phone will reset and reboot within 20 seconds


After it has rebooted, switch phone off and reinsert sim and then switch back on...


9 Reboot with sim inserted

10 Select the Skype logo on the home screen (side panel)

11 Press to download Skype


Skype will Install without error and you'll have Skype working again.


12 When Skype loads after install, go to settings (in Skype) and disable updates.





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Hi Bazzydude,


That's very interesting.


Three Mobile withdrew Skype for the U7510, so I'm just wondering if you tried these instructions yourself, and curious where they originated from?



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