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Why can't the other person hear me?

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Novel Tourist

I have an Acer one laptop that comes with a camera and microphone built right in. For the past couple of times that I have skyped, I can hear those I call, but they can't hear me. I did try uninstalling and reinstalling, but that worked for only one call. I need help please. Thanks!

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Novel Adventurer

i'm having the same problem

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Casual Tourist

my friend can't see me, l tried everything  in my audio /sound settings, and nothinng seems to be working.

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Community Ambassador

I've owned a few of these but gave all mine away as gifts to relatives.   I never had major issues with Skype on them.  I believe video on them can be very taxing for the processor so other apps should be not be running.  The onboard camera/mic is connected like most laptops/netbooks with an internal data cable.  Sometimes through normal use or defects in the cable, it will either come loose or fail.  I've heard of some people applying pressure in the region of the camera which sometimes reseats that cable.  So I'm leaning towards the issue being hardware related.  I've had to replace the cable myself on a laptop in which video in Skype worked once at best per reboot.  The onboard mic, might suffer from the same problem.  I would suggest testing out an external video camera and headset and see if the problem gets rectified.

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