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Video Calling on Symbian^3?

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Leave it away...USE FRING!!! WORKS REALLY WELL!!!!!

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I need to videocall from mobile to desktop and Fring is not available on desktop :-(
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This is nonsense!!!! The only question is WHY??????? What is the profit to Skype not supporting video call for Symbian! Why is it hard to make a support for it? Symbian is so old OS and so many lovers of it! N8 was released about 1.5 year ago,still no support!
I want video call to my N8!!! PLEASE!!!
Why u blockingFring to have that function...why only iPhone can have Skype video call? probably a good $$$ contract with Aplle! Cant think about nothing else! Thank you Skype! Really kind of you!!! We love you sooooo much! Maybe it would be time...dont you think???

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guys use fring. its better
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Dear Skype, please add video chat for symbian...we need it and we want it very much!please dont give up this platform, there are so many people still using symbian !!thanks a lot 

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when will you release video version for symbian?

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All the people at Skype are ####### for not releasing video calling for symbian!


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I really dont think skype would introduce video calling for symbian coz nyways nokia is goin to introduce windows nd stop symbian os from 2012 onwards.

so, if u think, if skype hasn't introduced it for so long. It wudn't do it now. Rather it would plan to get the business on windows phone.

But, seriously would want skype to introduce video calling for symbian coz symbian wouldn't be out of Indian market for a long time.

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I have nokia C5 and even it is not compatible with skype.. it works with Nokia C5 but i m unable to confrence, i can only able to call 1 person at a time but when other call me on my phone they do confrece and i want that skype also launch its full featured version for S60 V3 phones..... I urgently needed

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Please update Skype for Video Calling on Nokia N8 Symbian^3 (anna and Belle)

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