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Too many contacts - out of memory

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Casual Adventurer

I'm stoked to get skype running on my Vita.  It installed ok, but when I try to log in, I get an error message saying that I have too many contacts, and that the system has run out of memory.  I have about 80 contacts, which I don't think is unreasonable, but maybe I can delete a few if there is a predetermined limit?  Also, when it says 'memory', I assume it means RAM and not space on the SD card (of which there is > 10gb).

Anyone else see this?


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Former Staff
It should work with up to 150 contacts, the synchronization at the first sign-in can cause the application to exit, please try to log in several times with the same username, all contacts should then eventually be loaded and you shouldn't get the error message anymore.
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Casual Adventurer

Awesome, good to know!  I'll try it tonight, and report back.

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Novel Adventurer

how many times do you have to login so the error mesage does not close the app

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Just how many times do I need to sign in to fix this?  I have been trying to sign in many times already, which is very painful on Vita with my very secure password.  Skype only seemed to sync the contacts on the very first time I signed in.  In all of the following sign-in attempts, skype signed me out the instant I was signed in, which doesn't look like it was syncing any more contacts. 

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Casual Adventurer

Yes, I've unfortunately noticed the same behaviour.

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Casual Adventurer

I just had a thought.  Is it possible that the 150 contacts limit includes people you've flagged as 'blocked'?  I'm guessing that these must be stored in memory too somewhere, right?

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Former Staff
how many contacts do you have? have you also tried logging in with an account that has less?
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Novel Adventurer

I have 62 contacts, way fewer than the 150 limit.  I don't have another skype account to try, and I don't want to use a separate skype account just for my Vita.

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Casual Adventurer

As I mentioned at the start of the thread, I have 80 contacts.  I only have one skype account, but maybe I'll create another for testing to see if it works under any conditions.  FYI, unblocking all my blocked contacts didn't help.

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