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Skype video call for Anna (possibly N8)

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Casual Tourist

We know that, the system software of Nokia N8 can be updated to Symbian Anna in late-August. Will it be possbile/available to use video call through Skype after updated?


Hope the Skype staff can answer this question, thanks!

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Novel Tourist

i believe microsoft owns skype, thus making it stupid for them to enable video call for symbian, because they believe it eats the number of sold nokia-windows phones..... go figure

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Novel Tourist

and so does it mean that Video call will not be enabled in Symbian Anna anymore?

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Reliable Adventurer

Anymore...or any less. 

They never had plans for doing video n the N8 Symbian ^3 devices.  Even though back in Feb, they were ALL about it.

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Novel Adventurer

when will you release video version for symbian?

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Novel Tourist

Do you know how many N8 are in the world?, I do not understand why we can not have video calls. I think Skype is weak, and Nimbuzz was a winner. Skype is a looser. Skype can prove he can get it?

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Novel Tourist

I have downloaded on my phone Nkia N8 simbian anna, and Skype does not work, I say that is not compatibil.what can I do that? Has skype solution?

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Novel Tourist

please sir my nokia c7 is not possibly video call.please do something.i need video call my nokia c7.

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when i can get video call on my n8.i tried lots of time but could not get yet.please give me an idea.
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Novel Tourist

Yes, I update my phone yesterday, and now I canot use skype on my phone anymore. So bad.



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