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Skype using USB Dongles and Smartphones

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Casual Tourist

I normally live in Australia but at the moment I'm travelling around Europe specififcally in UK at the moment. 


I have a Nokia N8 phone and recently obtained a Tesco SIM which works perfectly on everything except Skype which seems to be blocked, the people in their stores and their support centre do not seem to be able to offer any explanation. 


My second attempt at using Skype whilst travelling was to obtain a SIM for my USB dongle, I picked up one at a t-mobile shop in Southampton, again it works perfectly on everything except Skype, when I try to make a call it allows me to connect but after about 45 secs the sound is so distorted that it becomes unintelligible, I went back to the shop, they told me that it wasn't being blocked by T-Mobile it didn't work because their 3G network did not support it. 


Next I purchased a complete dongle and SIM from (, it allows me to connect but after one minute the sound from my end is turned off. 


I'm surprised that ISPs can legally not support SKYPE and wondered if anyone knew of a solution to this problem which must be affecting many travellers like myself.

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