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Skype on Belle (Nokia N8)

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I upgraded my Nokia N8 to Symbian Belle and installed Skye 2.1 on tuesday. From then I got it working twice, but now it doesn't work. It loads, but when I press 'sign in' Skype closes instantly as if nothing happened. The connection in the settings/connectivity/connection manager remains there and in info it says app: skyhost

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Novel Tourist

Same for me on my C7. Only that I didn't get it to work even once...

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I just reinstalled Belle software with OVI and Skype works now again

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I face ame problem here here.yukkkk...what is the solution
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according to the program is not compatible with my n8. I got it work a few times with my phone as well... So i dont understand. This new belle upgrade is starting to look crappier and crappier everyday...
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The situation I had after the upgrade to Belle on my N8 was that after I grabbed the (supposedly) Belle version of Skype from the Store, after I entered my login details the app just crashed/stopped working.  After many hours of digging (because I don't give up that easily) I came across a post that reckoned it would work if I used the standard Nokia Evolve theme - 'no way' I thought but hey presto it does you know; how weird, I suppose Nokia/Skype thought we needed this little extra challenge!  I mean, change to a theme downloaded from the Store and an app stops working - come on guys!

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The "Remember Me" option at sign in doesn't. Any solution? 

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Yep, sure enough kirbycross4 is right. Change the theme back to evolve and it starts working again for me! Now that's a stupid bug to have. Come on skype, who did the testing for that one!
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Yep, it sure worked for me too! The strangest thing!! Anyhow, at least Skype works now
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no es compatible con ni Nokia n8
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