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Skype on Belle (Nokia N8)

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Casual Adventurer

I have nokia N8 and on there is a message: "skype is not available for your phone"


As an answer I found this:


Unfortunately, Skype for Nokia N800 or N810 is no longer available for download from our website.

Due to a drop in demand, and our desire to offer our new customers an improved mobile experience, we have chosen to withdraw Skype for N800 and N810. Our focus is on providing a rich user experience that allows you to enjoy free Skype-to-Skype and low cost calls as easily on the move as you do at your desktop.

Even though Skype for the N800 and N810 are no longer available, it is still possible to get Skype on other Nokia phones. Please visit the Skype on your Mobile webpage for full details.

Can I still use Skype for the Nokia N800 or N810 if I already have it?
Yes. People who have already downloaded Skype for the Nokia N800 or N810 can continue to use it.

Casual Adventurer
yea it was there few days ago, they just took it off the store.
Casual Adventurer

Yeah! My friend sent me an installation file and it works!


I have Nokia N8 Symbian Belle softwere version 111.030.0609


The name of a working file is: Skype_2.1.23signed.sis


Anyway I hope Skype Team stops being ridiculous. Skype for Nokia N8 is not currently available, yet the Skype landing page, shows 2 or 3 Nokia N8's in an image at the top of the "Skype  for Symbian" page.

Casual Adventurer

Here is link to working file. Enjoy!


Novel Adventurer
Please, do you have any specifics on how exactly to load/run that Skype_2.1.23signed.sis file? (I've never seen a file of that type before.) For example, I first downloaded it onto my computer. Is it a matter of simply copying that file into a particular folder on the Nokia N8 while it is connected to my computer? Any steps beyond just downloading the file would be great for us novices. Thank you so much for any help on how to do this.
Casual Adventurer

moscatomg wrote:
Please, do you have any specifics on how exactly to load/run that Skype_2.1.23signed.sis file? 

i am not sure if you can directly install it or not.

there is two methods to install it:
-plug your phone on nokia suite then double click the sis file or drag and drop in suite and follow the steps

-transfer the file to your phone in any folder, then on your phone, go to 'files', locate your sis then open it.

if that doesnt work and gives you cirtificate error, go to and follow the guide to hack your phone.

Novel Tourist

Thanks for the file bro !

These guys are ridiculous. I wasted 2-3 hours to find this file.
Novel Adventurer
Ok. I got it. This is what you do--for other noobs out there: You d/l that file helpfully provided here in this thread. D/l it somewhere to your sys. like the desktop. W/ your phone connected to your computer, then just drag the file to a folder location on the phone like the mass memory's "install" folder. Next, follow the folders in your phone's settings: settings>installations>to be installed. Then just click the skype file and it will do the rest. . . . It works perfectly for me w/ the new Belle OS. (Though I don't really use video calling w/ a phone, and I hear there may be issues w/ that.) The only quirk is that it doesn't seem to remember your login info, so you just enter that each time you need to use skype.
Casual Adventurer

I've just send this file in e-mail message as an attachment to myself and open it thru a default browser on my phone.

For me it was the fastest way

Novel Tourist
i have solution for this mail id contact me for solution
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