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Skype for Symbian Belle

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It is work

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Still there is no version for Nokia 500. Will there be a compatible version for Belle?

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Nokia 500 has same main hardware as the other Nokia with Symbian Belle you have released Skype for.


At least let us have a beta or test release for all Symbian Belle phones. It's a very ugly thing that you limit the other users that could benefit from this.


I'm using skype for my work too in a group subscription and now I can't use it anymore on my phone that I'm sure it's compatible as I develop applications on it, and I will not change the phone I wanted for a mistake that Skype does.

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v2.1.xx support handsets based on Symbian Belle OS, BUT


( + ) skype support chat/send message/sms/files and calls... 

( - ) skype NOT SUPPORT AGAIN videocalls, there are not changes of interface, there is not optimization and improvements! 


( - ) on the download page of site there are not changes in: Compatible Symbian phones  users can't download and install Skype on Nokia 603/701

( - ) a version Skype did not update almost 1 year: "Current Version: 2.0   Release date: April 21st, 2011" 


As a result: for the users of Skype politician for the last year is a policy of ignoring users why have Nokia handsets based on Symbian OS: faster and more stable what Android! Users want to have equality and choice.


Please give new powerfull version Skype for Symbian with videocalls  and correct errors on a official site!


P.S.: add here ( +1 ) - administrators must see this report!

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When will skype support Nokia x7 (symbian Belle)?
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when i download skype on my mobile after downloading,

before beginning of installation message appears on my mobile screen...

(Application not compatible with phone.continue anyway???)

when i continue skype doesn't work

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download and install Skype v2.1.xx from OVI-store. From official site - Skype not download's or not working!

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Is there a chance to see a working version of Skype for the Nokia 500(Symbian Belle)?

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i have video call skype for n 97
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how can i make download?
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