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Skype for Symbian Belle

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though no video calling,but a good 1 for IM,chatting n VOIP ! synchronisation of msn,yahoo,facebook,google talk,AIM,myspace,ICQ,hyves......n of course twitter...... all in 1....NIMBUZZ !

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I use skype everyday on my Nokia N8 mainly in VOIP.


For the moment is ok because I use Symbian Anna but please release an update for Symbian Belle as soon as possible.


Please, Please, Please...i need skype on my phone...

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Raphael! Could you confirm me please if you can make video calls via Skype or through Fring with your N8 device? I would like to buy an N8 but I realy need to have video calls via Skype on it.

THX in advance for your answer

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Still no sign of a version for Symbian belle. 


Apparently I have to migrate to Fring or Nimbuzz instead.

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But there's no skype on Fring.

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Skype in Symbian Belle works only with H3G mobile operator in UK due to a particular configuration file stored in the phone memory. I kindly ask Skype developers to work on this issue and find a way, that might be very easy, to make it work even with other operators. (Suggestion: use system default access point in C++ voids)
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Skype now ready to rock on Belle.
Now available on Nokia store
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But unfortunately without video call functionality ...
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I have a Nokia 701 which is the latest symbian belle phone released(m.a.). and skype happens to just work in it even though, video calls don't work!!But i can still do with voice calls,IM,etc. whatever it is,it is the mistake is of the nokia manufacturers that they are continuously completely changing the OS for the mobiles which makes most of the top apps to not be available in most of the latest phones.

My word, buy an i Phone or a samsung galaxy Y or any other samsung android mobiles which are cheaper and have more than 300,000 apps available in the android market . nokia is leading to it's own loss!!


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Samsung.... Android..... 300,000..... people - what about talk you - Android not so faster VS Apple OS, Bada, Symbian Belle! This is - TRUE! And I not understand - why Skype not write new version Skype for Simbian?

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