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Skype for PlayBook 2.0

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Could you please create an app for BB PlayBook 2.0.

I understand it is relatively simple to make an andriod app work on te PlayBook and it would mean a great deal.




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please make a skype app for the blackberry playbook 2.0

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I can't believe there is no app for it yet!  Super sad Skype

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PLease Skype, I am happy with my Playbook, you might really have a skype version for the PLAYBOOK on the download list. There is a good development team. I want to keep in contact with the world.
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yes. thats whats missing. skype on playbook!

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I tried imo but it doesn't work with OS2
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As a long standing, Paying customer of Skype, I would like to join the chorus

Skype app for Playbook please!!!!

After the fire sale there are a lot of them out there.



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Why is there no Skype app for playbook yet?
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I am new to Skype, but upgraded and use multi-daily.

I am a looooooong time Blackberry user.

Why does Skype not support Blackberry/Playbook users?

We are mostly business users.

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Hey. I love my playbook but not enough people have them to use the native video chatt app. Can you please please please release skype for the playbook 



Thanks your the best

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