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Skype for PS3 console

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I for one would love to see Skype on the ps3. Being somone who works on the road and likes to game would help me keep in touch with my family  PLEASE WORK ON IT?

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Community Manager
Thanks for your feedback and the request. You might also want to take a look at Skype being available on more and more TV sets ( ) and Bluray players.

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We use skype voip and video on a daily basis for ministerial, business and personal conversations.  We have had great success with conference calls and groups using traditional computers with the service and are glad that it is available and that it works as well as it does. But skype doesn't have a PS 3 application though it seems that the console would be an ideal video conferencing device.  With all of the other formats skype has provided (one of the latest is for the Sony TV) it seems logical to have a PS3 app too.  Is there any interest at Skype and or Sony to get this done? If not what would it take to generate the interest?

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I 100% agree.. I saw a recent post announcing launch of Skype for PSP so hope development is underway for PS3 too.. again would love to use that in my lounge without spending crazy money on SMART TVs
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I don't want skype on my TV anyway only very few tv's have webcams that u can but for them and it would be much better if sony and skype can just get together and make a PS3 verstion of skype just like they did with PSP and now Sony market PSP consoles with the fact that Skype is a built in feature which is something Skype and Sony should do for all Playstation devices and Sony TV's so that more people can get away from their small screened computer and use skype to it's full potential not on your 20" computer screen (even though that is big for a computer screen it would be better on a even a 30" TV screen but on a 60" TV skyping with friends would be an ultimate thing especially if u could get skype for Xbox 360 and you could call peopls using skype on any device and they would be compatable with eachother) I'm sorry Skype if u can't provide a decent mesenger for PS3 and Xbox 360 i'm gonna have to give u a thumbs down n): SOZ PLEASE FIX ME UP WITH A PS3 AND XBOX 360 VERSION OF SKYPE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE AND THEN MY LIFE WOULD BE COMPLETE!!!! So that i can talk to my cousin from my PS3 and he can be using his Xbox 360 PLEASE

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This is a very old request and it boggles my mind to no end wondering how much incompetence is required for this to have not already been implemented.

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I am afraid Sony has greater interest in that Skype sells their new TV:s, on PS3 less money for Sony. And maybe it is Xbox now who gets Skype. Hoping that I am so wrong here...

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I don't think you answere the question sir, can you give us some more details about the availability of skype on ps3 in the future,
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Just wanted to add my voice to the requests for Skype on PS3 - would love to see this happen, I would use Skype all the more since right now I use other apps and my PC/mac to do video chat.

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Life would rock if every device has a Skype.... 

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