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Skype for OS Bada 2.0 (phone Samsung Wave 3)

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how wil get skype for my wave3
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dont buy bada s8600 phone
its big zero phone
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Bada 1.0 was not supporting Voip, 2.0 it does.
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One solution , CHANGE PHONE

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i have s8600 bada2.0 and i want to use skype video call app plese help me

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.........bada s8600 phone no skype no tango no any video calling app...........

i want to use skype in s8600 anybody plese help me

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Please create a Skype phone with skype for samsung s8600 Which century do not have anything funny to create a model for s8600
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How can I get skype for my wave3. Please help.
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Hey dont worry. I have the code thats can connect through skype.. I am in development stage. Cheer up i am also wave user. luck thing is our bada supports java,c,c++. Most of VC++ works fine with our bada. Thumbs up i will surly update you with app. And also i do have Whatsapp soure code..

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<p>download skype