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Skype for Nokia N8

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Casual Tourist

This is completely laughable, so it's just as well that I had a little chuckle.
Skype for Nokia N8 is not currently available, yet the Skype landing page, shows 2 or 3 Nokia N8's in an image at the top of the page.
Get rid of the misleading images please, instead of making people wasting their bandwidth trying to find out, their device isn't listed!
I never did like Skype, but I'm only looking at using it again, as my mother is the other side of the world and we wanted a cheaper way to communicate!
But, here we are, 2012, the age of the wireless device and all things computery and still we don't have a working Skype app for a very, very popular phone!
Think I will look at alternatives, as it is quite clear, Skype won't be getting it together, any time soon, to launch an app that actually works on the N8!
Nuff said
Dissappointed of Margate

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Novel Tourist

I agree that this is odd - my  wife upgraded to a Nokia N8 last year and I was able to download and instal Skype onto it for her at that time.  Last week the handset developed some problems and so we were sent a replacement.  For some reason, although we were able to instal Skype on the old handset, we are seeing that it is not available for the new one.



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