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Skype for Nokia E6-00

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I want to buy Nokia E6-00 - but it seems there is no Skype available for this phone. At least I did not find it on list of 'compatible Symbian phones' nor  under list of all Symbian handsets.

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Unfortunately Nokia E6-00 is not one of the supported models. You can find the list of supported symbian handsets from here:



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Lets check OVI Store !

May be find out..

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is there any plan to release Skype for Nokia E6-00 (belle version)... ?


Check Ovi store, current version works with minor interface issues. But it would be great if interface will be adapted for E6-00 (Belle) screen.

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Yes there is a supported version in the Nokia's Ovi Store, you can check it out. But the sorry state is that it does not support video calling in spite of Nokia E6 having a secondary camera.
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I do not understand your comment. On my phone version 2.0.0 (5) intalled from OVI Store is bugging (could not find 2.1). I cannot get access to sign-in screen of Skype because I'm having popo-up screens coming up and a loop to next one when I accept and finaly getting out without giving opportunity to enter my codes

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The major bug with the Skype in Nokia E6-00 is when the application is opened the keypad backlights gone off, if application is closed then only i am getting the backlights back. the lights are not available for any functionality even outside app too during when the applicaiton is opened.
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I am not even able to login skype i own a nokia E-6 updated os is belle and once u try logging in the software closes down and reached back to the main menu.


Can i know if any release has been done for the same?

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