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Skype for Nintendo DSi\3DS

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Why skype did not do it for NDSi\3DS? It's a perfect console! Mic, Camera, Headphone jack...

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Are there any plans in place for Skype to be developed for the Nintendo 3DS? The feedback I've gotten from other users has been entirely positive, and the response I recieved from a positive response from a Nintendo representative when I asked about it, though they said it would be Skype's call.


So, anything going on?

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I know right, dont know when they'll put the software on the internet to download it but it better be soon and if anyone hasma link to download it then plz tell me.? ("
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I have a DSi XL and i need Skype. It has a front-facing camera so it deserves it like the BlackBerry PlayBook and XBOX 360 Kinect. Like other devices that don't have it the Nintendo DSi/DSi XL/3DS are 3 devices which really need it. I want them DS owners to have Skype.

Here is What it should be like:

Nintendo DS Lite

Microphone-Voice Calling

Nintendo DSi/DSi XL

Microphone-Voice Calling

Camera-Video Chat

Nintendo 3DS

Microphone-Voice Calling

Camera-Video Chat

3D-3D Video calling


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no skype free downl or instal for nintendo 3DS why?
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No skype for Nintendo 3DS because Iv'e look everywere and nothing

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Hi There!,


Skype called Nintendo regarding if they can have Skype on the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL and Wii U in May 2013. I know it is a long time to wait but it just takes time for Nintendo to download it into their system. 

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we need nintendo dsi/3ds skype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I totally agree with all you lot its so much easier than setting up the computer whenever yo wanna chat to your mates
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I have a Nintendo 3Ds as well and I would LOVE to see Skype release a version of their program for this system.  I think it would be a big success.

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