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Skype for C7 Symbian Belle

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Sype Team


I have recently upgraded my Nokia C7 to Belle UI and was disappointed that skype is not supported. Had a great hope that it would work the other way with Video calling enabled.


Any committments on the software release dates for this phone and chances of enabling video calling?


Looking forward to your reply.






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Me too
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It is possible to revert to nokia symbian anna on a C7 which was recently upgrded to "belle"?

I bought the C7 for being able to skype, so I am quite disappointed now...

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Have the same problem !! Any help !!!


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thank you
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I have the same problem, please fix it dear Skype team. *.*

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Even i have this problem its so anooying.

I wish there was a way to get back to old os.

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pray averybody,pray for skype employees...pray in short time there is another app who respect the users,and skype will be like symbian when green cute robot taken his place in the market...
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