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Skype for BlackBerry PlayBook

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When can we expect skype for the BlackBerry PlayBook? I just bought it on July 18th, 2011 and love it. My BlackBerry Messenger works perfectly but would like to use a genuine version of skype with my PlayBook.

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I just bought a playbook - it is August 18th, and I had to fly to North America to get it. 


I am just wondering if there is a timeline on when skype will write the code to allow it to work with the QNX software? As the playbook is just about to be launched in Europe and with the new QNX phones coming 1st quarter 2012 - wouldnt it be nice if you were to do it for us?


I mean I am a paying skype customer - but loyal to the point where something new comes and works on my BB....then you will loose me forever....


Think about it.



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I woulsn't hold my breath. There seems to be special intrest groups involved. I have waited through 3 BlackBerry Bolds. What is going on?
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Anyone know when are we going to get skype for the blackberry playbook?
I'm sure every one thats got a playbook are willing to pay for it if thats going to be the case!! skype developers can you please make the app for the bb playbook.
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try h t tp : // imo. im / in your PB browser
click on the skype symbol and you have your skype
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send me an email and I show you how to get skype on the BP, they block the web address, mail to
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It would be nice if SKYPE (which I love) would support Blackberry and the Blackberry Playbook. A great many Blackberry users are businessmen...and I use SKYPE for business quite often. I will try the IMO workaround...but would appreciate a SKYPE ap for the Blackberry Playbook. 



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I also just bought a playbook and looking forward to have Skype on it. I use Skype everytime i'm away travelling calling home and even have a call out account to call Lan phones oversea. Please make Skype App for Blackberry devices specially the playbook.
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I would love for Skype for PlayBook to be available. It was shown when the PlayBook was announced, and i am waiting for support. this will greatly help with homework and talking to family.
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What does "solved Go to Solution" mean?  when i click on it, I am sent to the next message in line.  Where is the solution?

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