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Skype for BlackBerry PlayBook

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Novel Adventurer
It does not work it force closes after sign in
Reliable Adventurer

The link does not work!


Could you shed some light into when an app will be available?

Casual Adventurer

Hi Claudius


In many respects PlayBook has a superior operating system

The quality of the build is exceptional

Many individuals like me have multiple units, which would encourage use of your product

I have an old Nokia 800 that comes with Skype.

The base is multiplying by leaps and bounds, due to the extremely good value

So write that memo, to the powers that be, and get Skype for PlayBook!

Novel Tourist

We need a Blackberry Playbook Skype Application.! This is your job! This is what you supposed to do...!!! Έλεος.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Routine Adventurer
Ok, so I just reactivated my account with Skype just to post here. Yeah I want to see Skype for the playbook like all the other playbook users. But I must say how pathetic it is that there not an app for the playbook yet.


Or should I say Microsoft? Are you that afraid of this little tablet ruining your tablet business. Yes there's a few of us now (over a million) and we're growing! There's no doubt right now that with the all the PB's and the BB phones out there now we've already and vastly become an EXTREMELY STRONG BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY for Skype and Microsoft!
So why the blatant reluctance? I sit back and I look at what Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google are doing to prevent BB from achieving its own rich ecosystem and I laugh, because I know that similar cases like this app "blocking" for the PB from these large tablet competitors show that I've picked the right tablet; since the only reasons apps like this don't exist is because these guys are scared of the PB's potential.

And that's why I've personally banned Skype until they show some integrity in their fair business practices. And that goes for Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft.

BTW, Claudius your workaround post is really laughable. A workaround should be a circumventing procedure that is used to achieve the same result. Your workaround only gets us to chat.. No audio and No video... So to me it's not a workaround but nice try to appease the masses... but still not even close to being satisfied with the Skype organization. The more there is no Skype App for PB and the more Skype Apps there are for far lesser business cases... the more there will be dissatisfaction in your customer base.
Remember the old adage "It takes a very long time to get a customer and seconds to lose one".. Don't feel you're too big for this not to apply.. Others will find this opportunity even if you don't!
Novel Adventurer
I want my skype messages to report in my phone messages inbox
Casual Tourist

Skype for PlayBook please!


Novel Tourist

Plz bring Skype for bb playbook its an humble request 

Casual Tourist

I really need skype for my playbook.

Casual Tourist
i bought two playbook, 1 for me and 1 for my wife. i need skype badly as we communicate using this as i am working overseas. please do port this application in playbook. thanks.