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Skype for BlackBerry PlayBook

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Do you plan on having skype working on the playbook ?


Thank you,

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i am extremely disappointed that I can't get a real working version of skype. I would even pay for it. IMO is junk you can't video chat. Please will they ever find a solution

Casual Adventurer

Well if you can't etc


Ok lets use this bandwith for a BB Playbook PIN # exchange so we can use video chat

Please keep the calls clean and of a testing nature


Trust there will be at least 100,000 additions, each one a vote for Skype for Playbook









Casual Adventurer

Any one else noticed how they removed most of the page with the commens in here?

There were more than 15 pages worth of comments in here - now there are only 6 pages...???

Either the mod is a pisssy mod or skype really tries to make it look like there is no demand for it on the PlayBook.

"Nice" one skype...


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Well I will join the campaign and start posting! I don't understand what the issue is with Skype, the demand is there for the playbook and as a business user it makes sense that I should be able to access my account on all my devices!
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Just want to add my vote for a Skype app for BB Playbook.  It is needed and will be used extensively!

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Before I download..does Skype for Android work with Playbook OS 2. I also support previous posters Skype for Playbook is almost a must!

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We need a Skype app for BB Playbook! Plz make it happen
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Why ohh why. Have they not bought this out yet on the playbook
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There's no official Skype for Playbook. But maybe this workaround helps you to get Skype chat on your Playbook: 

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