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Skype for BlackBerry® Bold™ 9780 Smartphone

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Could you please please please create skype compatible for BB new generation?!


best regards,


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Please make skype available on BB Bold9780 too

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Since 2008-2009 we, BB users, are asking for Skype on BB (any model). The answer we get is always the same: only for Verizon customers in the US....:smileymad:

See also the reply in the post "Skype for BB".


So, I am afraid we will never get it....




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I'm using Blackberry Bold 9780 and i'm waiting for skype too..


Even my old phone had skype (samsung star)


I ınstalled my samsung star's skype.jar to my blackberry 9780 but it didnt worked because screen resolutions are different with samsung star..


Omg I am sick and tired of waiting!!! this is blackberry is it really hard to make avaible skype for us?

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Hi pals,


Joining the leauge of anticipators for Skype on Blackberry Bold 9780 on all carriers.


RIM, its time to launch Skype preferably on all the carriers and BB6 OS devices




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yeaaah everyone is using BB. why isn't skype available yet for the new generation ???

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Hi all my friends plz I neeh download skype 4 blackberry 9780bold
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I couldn't agree more!

I tried the same thing in the past: direct mail to the "customer service": also got an avoiding, completely off-topic answer :smileymad:

Some time ago, on the "Big blog" from the Skype people themselves, they announced that they were going to "share Skype's broader multi-platform strategy to bring video calling everywhere - the desktop, mobile phones, TVs and the Web." (entry of July 6th). I posted a comment just asking if this statement included Blackberry and guess what? It was never published! Blocked by the Skype "officials"...:smileymad:

So, indeed, we have the "right" to ask, complain, beg, ..... but I'm afraid nobody cares at Skype and they just try to avoid us going to other apps by saying that it still possible that one day maybe... Talking about corporate "due diligence"...



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sorry but my english is not so good !!


i just bought a blackberry BOLD 9700


i'm using IM + TALK, it is a very bad software  !!!


before i had a nokia E51 and skype was working very well, as soon there was an onet hot spot i was allowed to call, also land phone !!


with my new BLACKBERRY and IM + TALK, no way out !!!!  is a bad phone with a bad software, now i would never buy either BLACKBERRY and IM + TALK.


i don't know why skype is not doing an app. for blakberry, maybe because SKYPE AND BLACKBERRY are not able to find a good agreement in between them !!


any way if you are just about to buy  a BALCKBERRY, don't do this mistake, buy somthing else......


and absolutely do not buy IM + TALK , it doesn't work !!!  when you call, to be able to speak you have to press a button, unbelievable  !!!



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I need skype for BB 9780!!!!! Do something please.
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