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Skype for BlackBerry® Bold™ 9780 Smartphone

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Novel Tourist

Hi, please we blackberry users have been waiting for a long time for skype to be available to us. I don't understand why you haven't done anything about it. Blackberry users are probably as many as iphone users, so I believe it's obvious Skype should be available for Blackberry's. Please reply.

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Novel Adventurer
yes please we need skype on BB...
it is the only thing missing....
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Novel Tourist

I need it too and to think that I am using Skype for our business and buying some credits to do this.  Skype for BB 9780 please...

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Casual Tourist

I was shoked when find out this fact - skype is not possible use on your smart phone!

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Casual Tourist

Please do something .... Skype is not compatible with my bb9780.. 

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Novel Tourist

yes, please, we need a skype for our BB phones !!!
BB 9780, slovakia  

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Why can login
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Novel Tourist



CREATE SKYPE FOR THE BLACKBORRY BOLD 9780!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

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Novel Tourist

i hav a 9300 and wonts skype for it so i can chat to ppl on the move ?????

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Novel Tourist
How can I use skype on my bb9780
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