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Skype for BlackBerry 8520

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Hi Skype, and community..

I really love ur program but the bb 8530 and 8520 are basicly the same so can you make Skype compatable with it pls! It the dev team could, it would be amazing!!!



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Any luck on the Skype to Blackberry?

Novel Adventurer

any update on this

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Hello there,

I have been using skype for several years now. I just bought a smartphone to replace my old Nokia. One of the reasons is that I'd like to use applications like skype with my phone.

Any chance that Skype will one day work on Blackberry 8520?

Doesn't seems so according to my searches on the web.


thanks for any answer. . .



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HIiiiiii fady
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Novel Tourist

I removed the Skype unit 8520, but we throw this error "Error starting Skype_lite: Class" net.rim.device.api.ui.ScrollView "not found.How to fix this ... Thanks in advance

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I have the same problem with the message: net.rim.device.api.ui.scrollview coming up. Would love any help, many thanks!
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Casual Tourist
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