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Skype download for symbian phone

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I use my old UK symbian phone as a walkabout PC in my home in France, using WiFi to gain internet access and to do email.

I would like to use it for Skype calls, but the download process wants to access my device via a phone number, which it does not have.

Can I download Skpe for symbian from the internet using my WiFi connection?

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i have a symbian s60 3rd phone Nokia N73. Can i download skype to make internet call? Please say me if availabe skype on N73.
My email: ********@********

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i have NOKIA E7I; can i download skype for internet call and video call?.If YES how i can make it in my phone?.My E-MAIL is, ********@********

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try download and install from OVI-store:

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i thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhink ssssssssssssssssssymbian 3rd additon not soprting anymore..
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hi, i have nokiax6 phone
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Symbian gk bisa
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It is not true!I download skype 6 days ago for nokia c-3"symbian 3"It is beta,but it have all things like the normal skype except video calls,but my phone dont have second camera.For video calls you have to downloud other program!

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