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Skype and Xbox 360 kinect

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Any plans on having Skype App for Xbox 360 with Kinect?
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Hello Skype and Kinect users, I just got a new Kinect and i love it. There's just one thing that bothers me. NO SKYPE! I really want it. I'm tired of turning on my Windows 7 PC and going on Skype. I want Video Chat Now!

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This is the same question I just sent to xbox. Does anyone know if there is a way to make it work?
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Unbelievable noone has answered that in these months.

If this is a support network I think this is not working as real support, just ignoring the posts.

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I am wondering what the timing is for Skype to appear on XBox? There doesn't seem to be much technical support for this subject, so far. Here's another chance MS.

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Hello skype we are wondering when is skype coming out for xbox 360.
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+1 for that question
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Also, please Skype make the Xbox version as awesome as Video Kinect!  Having the camera follow the person speaking around the room is unbelievably awesome. 

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Video calls to PC was an established functionality on XBOX and now it's broken. It would be great to hear some acknowledgement/feedback from Microsoft regarding this issue.

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I'm extremely disappointed with this response. I've been a fan of windows for my entire life. I was even a microsoft developer for 12 years. However, Microsoft is dropping the ball and I'm finding it extremely difficult to continue my loyalty.


1. Windows 8 == failure (Vista all over)

2. Love the tablet but can't justify the cost (Bought Android which is equally as good for 1/2-1/3 the price)

3. Love the phone and xbox integration

4. Extremely pissed off that a multi billion dollar company can't answer a simple question and just leave everyone asking questions that go unanswered.


I may just end up buying sony and going android. I have no more loyalty and I have done nothing but stick up for you for years.

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