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Skype Service voice ?

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Novel Adventurer

I have a Nokia E63 mobile telephone which came with Skype installed. When a Skype call came in a voice said " Skype Service " superimposed over the ringtone. This was very handy for me because I carry two mobile phones, only one of which I use to receive Skype calls. Recently, the Skype application on the E63 ceased to function so I uninstalled it. I then downloaded the latest version of Skype which now works perfectly, except that the ' Skype Service ' voice function has disappeared.

 I have checked in Tools > Settings > General > Personalisation. Voice Comms shows that Sythesiser is ON and Tones shows that Say Callers Name is ON. Can anyone offer any advice on how to reinstate the voice please ? Please bear in mind that I am not very competent with mobile phones. Many thanks.      David Dale.

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