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Skype Messaging and SMS on PS Vita

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Novel Adventurer

Will there be messaging on the PS Vita? I can't find any way to send text or chat messages in the PS Vita application.

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Novel Adventurer
Wondering the same thing
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Me too... It's a really great app, but is seriously crippled without IM features...
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Casual Adventurer

I agree. I had a friend send me several messages, (while he and I were on the non-skype phone, but while I was using the Skype App on PS Vita) but no text notification, or way to respond ever came up.

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I hope Skype will answer this soon as the IM is one of the main parts of Skype next to it's calls. If they don't add the messaging part the only upgrade on the PSP version is video call and still not a complete Skype product.

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yeah chat option would be awesome!!!

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APP is great.


Give us the chat IM and i will buy premium for one year. promised.

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Novel Adventurer

Yeah this definitely needs to be avalible on the Vita. I would like to see on the features that are available on the Andriod Skype App on the Vita one in fact.

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Novel Adventurer

I'm newly deaf so i need text not just video and sound which is useless to me if i dont know whats going on since i dont know sign language yet nor do many of the people i know. Was looking forward to talkin with my family and friends on the go with my vita through skype only to be utterly dissapointed by lack of text

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Novel Tourist

Yes, please update skype on the Vita to be able to send instant messages.. For some of my friends I want to chat to on the go, they don't have a microphone or webcam.. or sometimes I want to leave an offline message but I can't if I can only do calls..

also, it'd be nice if a PC user (connecting to me through my Vita on video call) were able to share their computer screen onto my Vita.. I hope that'll be possible. 

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