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Skype Messaging and SMS on PS Vita

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idk how too send messages on skype
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I don't think so which was kinda dissappointing for me. This was one of the main reasons why I got the vita since I use skype for work most of the time. I hope they get it in there soon because there's really no other reason to pay for 3G.

Novel Adventurer

Any news on this?


What's a problem even more than not having a chat feature on the Vita is the circumstance, that the other side has no way of knowing about it.


Like, imagine the following scenario:


User A tries to call user B from the Vita.

User B, assuming the call is coming from a PC, does not have time right now and writes a text message like: "Sorry, my nephew just came through the door and we'll be having lunch. I know we still have to talk about tomorrows trip ... will be back at the computer in about an hour." ... and ends up waiting in vain after lunch, whereas user A still is wondering what was the matter.


Just one of many possibilities, where not having a message feature and the other side now knowing about this limitation could lead to misunderstandings from 'unconvenient' to 'really bad'.

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chat support and sort by online would be gr8

Novel Adventurer
i cant find a way two send sms either
Novel Adventurer
text chating with friend s and sms will be greattt on vitaaaaa!!!!!
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Give me some texting options baby sammancer will buy a premium acct if you do

I've just bought PS Vita, and installed Skype. Video and voice work great, but being not able to message someone is out of any sense. I’m also paying for calls so please it.

I think that for developers is not a big problem to implement the messaging feature too.

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I was unfortunate to get the continual sending scenario. A friend of mine has a Vita, most of them do. I tried to send him an IM only to have it sit there trying to send. Didn't figure out later that he was on his Vita thus not able to receive it. I've had this happen to my friends too when I'm on mine. It's annoying to update our witty comments with something along the lines of "On vita, no text chat". I would have thought that something that Skype is known for, aside from great calls, was completely absent from the app and still has not been introduced. Oh, also I believe multi video chat is absent as well.
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still waiting for IM support, wats taking so long?
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