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Skype App for Windows Phone 7 Mango

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So of the os's available, I managed to choose the only one that doesn't have Skype?

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I agree with you 150%.  I read that someone big from Microsoft says that Skype for Windows 7 phones is "coming soon".  How much more specific could they be.  Totally unhelpful.  That could be years.  In 2011, they said that it was coming in the fourth quater, which did not happen.  I have owned my Windows 7 phone since May.  One of the main reasons that I bought the phone was to have Skype only to find out that Skype does not support this type of windows.  I don't have a forward facing camera on my phone but I don't care, I would just like to talk without the camera.

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Hi all, 

I am from Europe, and I recently bought a Omnia 7 wp7 op. 

I was pretty much impressed with the phone, but when I found out that the wp7 doesn't supports skype I was very disappointed with Microsoft. Few of my colegues ware planing to buy the same phone but they gave up when I explained that skype is not available for this cell. 



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Sofar u must just use the Tango video calls. but then ur friends must also have it.  I Dont Know Why microsoft have to be so Secret about a release day. There must be a reason why all wp7 phones now have front face cam. and i dont thik its tango. we just have to wait abit more ..Until iskype is availible i just Dance whit tango. many in dk is having it now..even my phone provider can i call for support  

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I must step in here and defend Microsoft. Winphone is a thing of beauty and metro UI apps are stunning and easy to use, however the underlying platform is just not tailored to real time communication apps such as Skype. In addition, because Microsoft completely alienated the provider industry with the poorly performing windows phone 6 platform, it is in their best interest to cow tow to those same providers and not piss them off with an alternate low cost  voice offering.


Please be patient and understanding. This is very hard for them.


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Right...just such a disappointment. One never knows all the right questions to ask in advance, or at least i didnt. Who'da thought? Still using my laptop to skype loved ones stationed in Afghanistan.

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People in or connected to the military should consider very carefully (and be advised by sales people) before buying this o/s.

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oh thank you so much for your brilliant defense...unfortunately, customers like me are obviously not nearly as smart or understanding as you are.  We just want to use Skype on the mobile platform created by its parent others have been to do on thier iPhones and Android Phones...So the only conclusion we can draw is that Microsoft wants us to switch to iPhone and Android Phones if we want to use Skype, the product from its own subsidiary...Well done, Microsoft...this sounds like one of brilliant ideas from a Harvard Business School graduate or an ex McKinsey consultant...I wonder how Bill Gates, a man without a complete Harvard education but may still have some common senes, would think about this.  

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I'm waiting Skype App on windows phone 7
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I'm so dissapointed becouse wp7 proved to be way less than expected. I sincerly regret I bought a wp7 phone, mainly becouse marketplace does not accept payments from my region and second becouse there is no good chat app available, skype is a must have and as I see it's far from being on my phone.

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