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Skype App for Windows Phone 7 Mango

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Novel Adventurer
Probably going to post everyday until it happens!!
Novel Tourist
I have HTC HD7 for more than an year!
Whatever excuse MSFT and Skype can have for not having that important app that almost the whole world bull**bleep** excuse!
I am tired of waiting!
I've got an Android device already for me and iPhone for my girlfriend
Casual Tourist

Windows Phone 7 does not have significant market share. Apple, Google, RIM and Nokia  have the lion's share.



Novel Adventurer

Did they say by the end of which year they get the app done?

Novel Tourist

Dear Microsoft & Skype ...


I have been a Windows CE, Windows Mobile and now a Windows Phone user for as long as I can remember.  More recently I started using Skype (less than 2 years back).  I cant use it on my phone yet, even thought, just about everybody else I know can. 


Now you have merged/been-acquired and I feel embarrassed that I still cant use Skype on my phone.  There is also no communication from either company/division as to why or when this is going to be available. 


One way to ensure that Windows Phone never takes market-share is to get your existing users to leave ship because of lack of common applications like Skype.  So I urge that you dont let that happen.  Please provide a clear roadmap about the availability of this application on the Windows Platform, else, that is just what will happen, the partnership with Nokia notwithstanding.




Novel Adventurer

 I agree with everything JD4 said,

I just whent back to my Galaxy S2 becurse the missing Skype and other apps i normaly use.

Reliable Adventurer

Heres a simple answer for you guys, when hell freezes over!!!


It's pretty sad when they can't even get the mobile app for the platform their parent company has on the market out the door.


At this rate it makes the Duke Nukem Forever development time look normal, and that took 12 years!!!

Reliable Adventurer

Yes, but do Apple, Google, RIM or Nokia own Skype?


No, they don't, Microsoft does. That means market share for Windows Phone is irrelevant, not only that but the app had been annouced while Mango was still in development.

Novel Tourist

We hare on: Support Network Beta Social Support for Skype users


No one answer done by this  kind of "support"

We wait for an answer!!

This answer may be on February 2012 or on January 2013 or never or now, but please

tell us something!



Novel Tourist
you all being ignored