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Skype 2.1 update: Support for Nokia 701 and 603

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Shibesh wrote:

Made a few video calls and IMs from my 701. Pretty awesome. But my main usage for Skype is video calling as I live away from my family and friends. So, would like to know how long it would take for video support and are there any betas out there which I could test?

Video Calls?

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Guys, when are you going to update skype for video calling for symbian?

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No one knows. Possibly, Skype, not support videocalls for Symbian-device's in future...   and this is bad...

Strangely, but Microsoft (who owns the SKYPE), 3 days ago, released a package of MS Office for Symbian Belle handsets (MS Lync include Office Mobile). Possibly, Skype (belongs to Microsoft) update software and we have NEW STABLE OPTIMIZE version SKYPE for Symbian!

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Hi guys,


I have just created an online petition for pressuring Skype thus Microsoft and also Nokia to not give up on properly supporting symbian phones and in the first place providing symbian users with a video call support on Skype for Symbian phones:



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thats right,discrimination...even in belle skype still doesnt support video cute robot,a bitten appel,and flag have very disapointed with skype
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I am a preimer customer tried live chat that failed to work, have tried via email for several days to obtain support for my Nokia N-8 not running Belle all have not worked any better than my origanl complaint.  When I try to login to skype on any version I have been directed to try the program crashes every single time I try to login to my account.  The support I have received has been less than acceptable.  It seems via email knowone knows what the problem is nor how to fix it.  I am very disappointed in the lack of technical knowledge your customer service has when it comes to the software itself issue.  Please advise how I can get this app to work on my phone I would appreciate the assistance. 

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So I just installed this on a nokia 701, I got today. Sounds much better than the version on my old n900. But are headsets not supported?


I can't get the plug-in headsets from either my n900 or the 701 to work with this skype. It keeps saying accesory not supported....

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Is this solution working also for Nokia E6-00?


I was pushed by Nokia to move to Belle and now I stack out of Skype.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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I have a Nokia c6-01 with a front and back camera.  It would be nice if Skype allowed video calling for my phone.

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Still waiting on video call support for symbian devices. Come on Skype, it's crazy that nothing has been done as yet! all other platforms support video calling.

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