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Skype 2.1 update: Support for Nokia 701 and 603

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Novel Adventurer

skype is not available in the ovistore for nokia 603...

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Novel Adventurer

When I go to OVI store, it says that there is no skype for Nokia 701.

Can you email me the .sis file so that I can install it and use.

Email me on [removed for privacy]

Thanks in advance

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Routine Adventurer

I dont think this will help you, as I tried but could not obtain full functionality.



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Novel Adventurer
It will help, if we can at least voice calls
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Agree that would be great, but to date no information is forthcoming from Skype or from Nokia, regarding the symbian phones that remain incompatible with current software.


There is silence from both, and I wrote to Nokia about this issue, sent a reference number to my communication, but to date there has not been a reply from Nokia. There appears to be no information on the Skype website regarding this issue, the only announcement as such is on the OVI website, whicxh states currently no Skype software available for the Nokia 701 and presume, 603 too.


Best wishes



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Hey Guys!

Skype for Nokia 500/603/701 (basen on Symbian Belle or Belle FP1) you can download and install i from:



If you search you find it!

P.S.: work stable, call use 3G or Wi-Fi, send message/SMS/files, AND NOT SUPPORT VIDEOCALLs! Skype not want support videocalls on Symbian!     -1 for SKYPE!

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I can now confirm I received a reply from Nokia and the Skype software is now available in the Nokia Store, to which I logged in and downloaded, it does work for calls and text, but to date no video calls. At least this is a move in the right direction with an effort,


Please see reply from Nokia:


Dear Sir
  Thank you for contacting Nokia Careline.
  We sincerely apologise for the delayed reply to your email. With regard to   your concernl, kindly be informed that the Skype application is compatible   with Nokia 701 as it was added feature on the said device. If you are unable   to find the Skype application on your phone, kindly provide us the software   version of your device (enter *#06# on the homescreen) or download Skype   application from Nokia Store. Kindly refer to the link below:
  OVI store
  To download Skype application, please do the following:
  1. Sign in your Nokia Account from Nokia Store.
  2. Search the 'Skype' application, and then choose it.
  3. Set your device (Nokia 701) from the device selector and then click 'OK'.
  4. Click 'Download'.
  However, if you are having an issue downloading the Skype from Nokia Store,   kindly email us back provided the error message if any.
  We appreciate your patience and further solicit your understanding. If you   have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
  For future reference, you may check our website. Kindly refer to the link   below:
  You may also call our Customer Care Hotline at 0845-045-5555, Mon-Fri 9am -   7pm (except bank and public holidays).
    Yours sincerely,
  Jane M.
  Nokia Service Professional
  UK Team
  Nokia Care
 Hope this will hlep some of the group, Best Wishes




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Novel Adventurer

Yes, today i tried and found that the SKype can be downloaded through the ovistores, it should not be missing again, as it is avialable around 3 months before and somehow couldn't be found recently, hope it is permanently available...

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Novel Adventurer

Thanks for nokia and skype aswell.

Finaly i found what i whant.....hahahha

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Novel Adventurer
ok thanks for information
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