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Skype 2.1 update: Support for Nokia 701 and 603

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Today we have released a Skype 2.1 update for Symbian. This update brings to you a support for new smartphones Nokia 701 and Nokia 603 running on Symbian Belle.

Download Skype for your Symbian device from Ovi Store.


Full release notes for Skype for Symbian are:

New features and improvements:

* Support for Nokia 603 and 701

Known issues:

Category Description Workaround
Calling Changing the Skype ringtone multiple time might crash Skype None available
User Interface Skype user interface might be cropped from corner on Nokia 603 and 701 None available
Voice Messages Deleting many voice messages in row might cause Skype to crash None available



We have heard here on the Support Network that you have been waiting for Belle support quite impatiently so we are looking forward to hear what you think about it.

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Was about to buy a new phone but this update puts that on hold for a while.

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Made a few video calls and IMs from my 701. Pretty awesome. But my main usage for Skype is video calling as I live away from my family and friends. So, would like to know how long it would take for video support and are there any betas out there which I could test?

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why no video calling support has been announced for Skype for Symbian.

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How is it possible that there is no support for the 700 which uses the Sybian Belle?


Since there is none are there any plans also for the 700 and other phones?


Thank you!


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Nice, but how about a plain, direct download link? Nokia Store has never been working for me, and the website just says that my phone is incompatible (it's a Nokia 5800).

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Funniest thing is Skype in fact works on 700 just fine. It doesn't crash, IM and calling is normal, doesn't lag or underperform in any way. My thoughts are it hasn't been "officially validated" for some reason - guess Skype people can answer this better.

Anyway, if you're feeling adventurous, dig the net a bit looking for a Skype.XXXXX.sis download it and install it (at your own risk). Although your Nokia may recognise it as signed, you'll still be using it at your own risk!

You have been warned :-)
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The update enables installing the Skype on Nokia Belle. 

However, the real issue of having Video Calling support is still not available for Nokia Belle.


We all know that the devices are capable for a Facetime/ Video Calling.


If Skpye can enable the video calling feature for iPhones, Android and Windows devices, I am pretty sure the same is true for Symbian devices as well.


This is a clear indication of discrimination, which is least expected from an esteemed global company.

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When I log in the application freezes.
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I have similar problem, I can't login, check the version or do anything. Skype just crash.

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