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Samsung galaxy tab gt p1000 error install insufficient phone memory

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Novel Tourist


I accidentally deleted a previous version of scype on my tab which was working perfectly.Now despite numerous attempts I cannot reload the new version which shows the above error despite my settings showing more than adequate memory on both phone storage and device.

Please assist

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Novel Tourist

SKYPE customer service is the BIGGEST JOKE ever- READ what this automated crap is answering:


My chat with customer service 



Initial Question/Comment: Other
19:19:08 System
Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
19:19:08 System
Boots C. has joined this session!
19:19:08 System
Connected with Boots C.
19:19:08 System
Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
19:19:16 raminjoker
19:19:23 Boots C.
Hello! Welcome to Skype Live Support! My name is Boots. How may I help you?
19:19:38 raminjoker
Boots I have been a customer of SKype for a long time
19:19:45 raminjoker
I had the app on my cellphone which is LG
19:19:51 raminjoker
on Android
19:20:20 raminjoker
Recently I removed it and I reinstalled SKYPE apps
19:20:53 raminjoker
Anytime it tries to download on my set it says INSUFFICIENT MEMORY despite the fact i have 1 GB memory on the phone and SD
19:20:58 raminjoker
Please helppppp
19:21:28 Boots C.
First can I have your Skype name to verify your account.
19:21:34 raminjoker
19:21:39 raminjoker
skype name
19:21:48 Boots C.
Thank you.
19:22:08 Boots C.
I understand your having issues with the Skype application on your Android phone.
19:22:14 raminjoker
yes i do
19:22:23 Boots C.
May I ask you to hold for 4-5 minutes while I check on this for you.
19:22:29 raminjoker
19:22:32 raminjoker
19:26:53 Boots C.
Thank you for holding
19:26:58 Boots C.
I am sorry for the wait.
19:27:00 raminjoker
19:27:23 Boots C.
When you downloaded Skype on your Android phone were did you get the said application?
19:27:36 raminjoker
When it is installing it.
19:27:48 raminjoker
I had skype up an running for past 6 months on android phone
19:27:57 raminjoker
I uninstalled it yesterday
19:28:02 raminjoker
and wanted to reinstall it
19:28:17 raminjoker
the file download happens but the installation does not happen
19:28:31 raminjoker
gives an error (Insufficient memory)
19:28:46 raminjoker
in all the forums people have posted the same problem
19:29:04 raminjoker
is like Skype is leaving a file on ROOT when I uninstall which you can not reinstall
19:29:08 Boots C.
You were able to successfully uninstalled it but was not able to reinstall?
19:29:16 raminjoker
19:29:24 raminjoker
the first time was installed 6 months back
19:29:37 raminjoker
yesterday i uninstalled it because I wanted to reinstall
19:29:51 raminjoker
I can not reinstall because of the error
19:30:38 Boots C.
Can you please try this link:
19:30:38 Boots C.
You can only download applications from Google Play in certain countries. To see the list of supported countries, visit:

If you cannot download the application from Google Play, Skype for Android is also available for free at the following address*:
19:30:54 raminjoker
19:31:01 raminjoker
I am based in Canada
19:31:05 raminjoker
is supported here
19:31:31 raminjoker
I also downloaded through Googleplay
19:31:41 raminjoker
Whats the relation of this suggestion to the problem
19:32:33 Boots C.
Since you have use Google Play you are seeing the said?
19:32:44 raminjoker
19:32:56 raminjoker
I have always been using the google Play
19:33:43 Boots C.
Can you please to reinstall it again.
19:33:53 raminjoker
I have done it 20 times
19:33:57 raminjoker
get the same message
19:35:03 Boots C.
Okay, still the same error? is there any other application running on the background when you're downloading Skype?
19:35:08 Boots C.
Also what Android version you are using?
19:35:16 raminjoker
No other program
19:35:45 raminjoker
19:36:13 Boots C.
Thank you.
19:36:23 Boots C.
Please hold a couple of minutes so I can double check


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