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Removing a contact on my Microsoft Surface RT device

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Novel Adventurer

Hi realize that this device has only been out for less than 48 hours, and there may not be anyone real familiar with it. I'm sure not. I downloaded a Skype App to the device. When I booted it up, there were two photos of people who I am familiar with, but that I have no connection with using Skype. I would like to remove those images from Skype. These are displayed right along with the people I do contact using Skype. I don't even know their names. It obviously isn't just a matter of selecting their photo and looking for a delete key. The device uses Windows 8.

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Novel Adventurer

I was able to answer my own question, but incase the problem comes up again, I will explain how it is done. When you have the application open to where you see all of the contacts you converse with through Skype, just touch the icon, (RT devices are touch screen devices) or image of the person you want to remove. It will take you to another page showing just that persons photo. At this point use your finger to swipe the tablet screen from the bottom up, and it will open a ribbon at the bottom of the screen which will give you the option to remove that contact.

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