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Playbook, please

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louisdionne wrote:
I apologize for any inconvenience, Thank you so much for your support. I completely understand that we have a limited choice of applications right now. But with the coming software update 2.0 you will be able to download android apps. Which Skype is one of them. And many mores. Once again thank you for your support.

As far as I know it's not possible to use Android apps that make use of the camera hardware like that.  In other words, Skype still needs to modify their Android app to make it work properly on the PlayBook.  It just sounds like Skype does not care enough or doesn't want to spend time enough on brining Skype to the PlayBook at all (be it a native app or a modified Android app).  I hope I'm wrong though... We'll just wait and see I guess.

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I live far away from home, and i need skype to talk to my parents, when i am away from computer. I know already 15 people who wants skype on playbook! Please listen to blackberry users!
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I contacted RIM and they said it was up to Skype to develop the App for PlayBook.


I would be willing to pay for it... what's the hold up Skype?  


I don't understand why Skype is not addressing the issue.   There are a number of posts about it and they just seem to be ignoring it.


At least give an answer one way or the other.


Tom, Toronto

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ta19661 wrote:

I don't understand why Skype is not addressing the issue.   There are a number of posts about it and they just seem to be ignoring it.


At least give an answer one way or the other.

First Skype refuses to provide online numbers in Canada (something even Dell does now) ... and now they seem to be refusing to create a Skype app for the PlayBook ... I'm starting to think that Skype just has a beef with Canadian users and companies in general.

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Yet another Canuck with a paying Skype account who feels p!ssed off that Skype is dragging their heels on this issue.  Come on, you have a HUGE PlayBook market out there just dying to use your app!


Get it done!

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Skype for Playbook please. we require skype for Playbook

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Skype developers, all you need to do is get a first version out, even without camera support. I would even pay for that!!

C'mon, this is a no brainer! Plus Skype is the kind of app that would help drive the sales of the playbook, so there'd the potential to sell the app even more. Can't understand why you guys and RIM are not pushing this forward.

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We have 3 playbook users in this household and all are waiting for Skype on the Playbook. Most of the family also have Blackberry phones and again without using im-plus find skype usage so difficult! We very much agree that Skype should pull their finger out and get a BB version with video that works for Playbooks on all carriers. I cant understand the delay especially as is available in the states for Verizon!
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Skype! Please get to work on a playbook app!  There's tons of playbook users who would gladly pay for this service.  At least do us all the courtesy of responding to our requests. 

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I guess silence is the best answer 

Have been a faithful user (and contributed heavily thanks to the higher rates charged by Skype for Romania ) so far but not for long 

My last yearly subscription should expire soon 

So long Skype hello Comwave, Google and all others 

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