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Playbook, please

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Just got my PB after the price drop and I'm really impressed! Seems like there will be a lot more of these in users hands now. Skype needs to step up and take advantage of that sweet hardware!

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Novel Adventurer

Where is the skype app?!?!  Time for it already.  You have no excuse with its capability to port your app from android to blackberry!  Don't be lazy.  Do it!

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Casual Adventurer

I am seriously considering just downloading the Comwave ephone app for the Playbook and paying the $20/yr.  You get a free trial.


I am dissappointed that Skype has not responded at all and are just basically ignoring their users.   If they have no plans of offering it on the Playbook then they should just tell us.

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A BIG +1!

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What's the point of making this forum then ignoring it? You rather waste your time making a forum like this than building apps? Stupid...

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Have a playbook as well and i'm seeing the population of people who have them only growning. Not a programmer, but given that it's built on open standards it should be easy you to develop this type of app. A response with your position shouldn't be too difficult.
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Agree with both above...


So... anyone out there in Skypeland?

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please get skype for playbook so i can skype with my daughter 3,000 miles away
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The only thing I'm really missing on my PlayBook is the Skype App ! Really looking forward to the Skype App ! pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

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i have just done so. Give your business to those who deserve. There is no loyalty in business anymore - they ignore us, we give their own medicine. I will soon be canceling my skype auto recharge feature.
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