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Philips VOIP 855 can't access contacts list or add contacts

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I have the same problem with my Philips voip855 phone, but the solution of felixpahl did not solve the problem. I can only load contacts to my phone the following way: log out on the phone, then in the Skype program on the laptop remove all my contacts and log out,  then log in on the phone again and load the contactlist (empty) > then logoff on the phone again > login to skype on the laptop again and restore my contacts and log off> log in on  the phone again and then I can load my contacts on the phone. I can then also update the list manually, but I can not sync with my contacts on the laptop (in the cloud?). And when I log off the phone, I lose the contactlist again and I can only reload it the way I just described. This problem occurs in four out of six Skype accounts I tested, including a newly created account with the basic skype-settings. BUT with two accounts, everything works fine! Of course I thought these accounts would lead me to the solution, but they did not. Using the same settings in the problem-accounts, did not solve the problem. I even changed the primary e-mailadres  to the one used in one of the working-accounts. Importing exactly the same contacts, also did not fix the problem.

Furthermore I also have tried without success:
- Reset of the base station.
- Reset of the handsets and base station.
- Software update.
- No new firmware version found.
- Other network (and other internet provider)

- Changing skype status on the phone.

- Another Philips VOIP855 phone.


What do I miss? Has anybody any idea how the two working accounts differ from the four other accounts? Has anybody an idea what else I can try?

Thank you

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After ending my premium subscription, the problem was solved! Now we have an unlimited landlines Netherlands subscription, and everything is still working fine. It seems also that the Premium subscription causes this problem.

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There is another solution if this one does not work.  I tried the reset and got EMPTY again.  Here is what worked for me.
Re: Contacts Disappeared on GE 31591GE1 Phone
‎16-09-2012 10:41

Please check that the Skype account you are using has date of birth, gender and country information completed. (Note this is a workaraound, a proper solution is still being worked on).


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Thank you! I'll keep that in mind if things go wrong, but at this moment I am afraid to change anything as everything is working fine, although it is a pity we can't have a premium account.

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Thank you soooooo much for your help!!!!!!!
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